Mexico Investment Guide
Source: Wikipedia
Date: January 1, 1970

Success Tips For Real Estate Investment - Cancun and the Riviera Maya Property Broker Hardly has there been a better time for real estate investment in Mexico. than the current period. Since 50 years or so, Mexicans have not seen such low prices of properties and abundance of willing buyers. The new banking system with Lower rate of interests than in the 1990, and automatic credit from the Goverment INFONAVIT for up to $1,800,000 pesos for first - time home buyers have all the more contributed to the situation. If you are contemplating real estate investment in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, you must have the right blend of knowledge and confidence to act on that knowledge. • Do a thorough research of your location: As an investor the first successful step towards real estate investing would be continuing a sustained research of the location. You must devote enough time to know about the town, city or the particular neighborhood you are considering for real estate development or purchase in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Try and explore the market scenario at places which have proximity to areas where projects for inner - city redevelopment has been planned. Some areas in Cancun and the Riviera Maya will be booming. Try to find out the immediate areas within the vicinity which hold promises of growth. Do not follow blindly what others are doing. Rather concentrate on positioning yourself on areas which will show a boom in future. • Devise an exit strategy: You should consider your exit strategy even before you start your venture. Do you intend to buy and hold? Do you plan on flipping? Are you interested in a lease/purchase? The answers to these questions will influence your decision on property location and financial strategy. • Work within budget: Do plan out every aspect of your financial transaction with regard to the property. Be honest to yourself in matters of affordability for down payment, mortgage costs, renovation, as well as redevelopment of the next real estate venture. Stay within your means. Do not be tempted to go beyond your budget. If you are on a long term investment policy, it is better to consider a rehab loan and traditional form of financing. You must have a separate emergency fund even in cases where a loan provides the built in facility, for example some of the rehab loans. It is better to do a complete survey of the property before you finalize on it. Look for properties where you do not have to spend huge amounts on renovation • Target your property to the widest possible market: Identify the groups of people you are targeting to cater to. As a property developer after having identified the target market, you should work towards providing the expected level or quality of finish. You should abstain from adding your personal stamp on the property. This will attract many buyers from different segments of the market making it highly saleable. • Get the help and support of a capable real estate agent in Cancun and the Riviera Maya: An experienced, qualified, knowledgeable realtor will help you take the best decisions on real estate investing. These are a few basic guidelines which should assist you on the path of Investing in Cancun and the Riviera Maya Real Estate.

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